The Strength of One. The Power of Many.
Introducing the Primary Care Practice of the Future.

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity

    Arizona Primary Care Physicians (APC) is a new primary care owned and operated medical group practice designed to meet the health care realities of today and tomorrow. APC protects what many Arizona primary care physicians value hold dearest – their independence, autonomy and sustainability.

    With APC we have integrated the best of two different worlds, combining the intimacy and differentiation of independent private practice where you “are your own boss” (AUTONOMY) – with the benefit of size, capability and market relevance (OPPORTUNITY). As a part of APC, you will enjoy:

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity

    MAXIMUM AUTONOMY: You retain your independence. You are an owner of APC, not an employee. You continue to manage your practice. You don’t sell your practice – you grow the value of your business.

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity

    MARKET INFLUENCE: As a small practice you have no real market influence. As a part of APC your practice is part of a large, progressive, and geographically dispersed multi-location primary care practice that will influence health care delivery models while improving care and cost effectiveness.

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity.

    REVENUE GROWTH: As a part of APC, which is a group practice for purposes of Stark and OIG, you will be able to participate in new revenue growth opportunities including: ancillary services, shared savings, ACO models, population health, employer direct contracting, concierge services, etc.

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity

    COST SAVINGS: APC provides numerous cost savings opportunities due to scale, efficiencies and regulatory exceptions. Examples include group purchasing, health benefits, insurance, malpractice captives, real estate services, retirement benefits, information technology management, etc.

  • Autonomy Meets Opportunity

    NEW CAPABILITIES: Through shared investment and efficiencies APC provides resources and capabilities required to compete in today’s health care marketplace. These include: population health management; contracting; quality improvement; outcomes measurement; clinical analytics; customer satisfaction and service experience; gaps in care management; and other resources required to effectively lead the transformation of care.

  • You're Still in Charge

    When your practice becomes a Member of APC you continue to be in charge of your practice. That does NOT change.

    • Your individual practice becomes an operating Division of APC and remains under your management and influence.
    • You are in charge of your staff, your compensation, work hours and operation of your Division.
    • You decide where and when you want to practice.
    • Your legal structure (partnership, S-Corp, PLLC, LLC, etc) stays intact and unchanged.
  • You're Still in Charge

    You are in charge of APC. Not someone in another State. Not someone in a hidden boardroom. Not a hospital. Not a specialist.You.

    • APC is primary care physician owned, led, and governed.
    • Only primary care practices can be Members of APC.
    • When your practice becomes a Member of APC your practice appoints a physician from the practice to serve as a Manager representative on the APC Board.
    • The APC Board of Managers establishes APC’s growth strategies, clinical initiatives, financial oversight, operational model, and all policies & procedures that govern APC.
    • The Board of Managers elects the Executive Committee and Standing Committee representatives. The Executive Committee oversees the executive management team.
    • The Board retains important reserve powers thereby ensuring that critical and significant business decisions are made by the operating divisions - optimizing representation of all Members of APC.
  • You're Still in Charge

    As a part of APC you are still in charge. You are still independent but no longer alone. You are a part of a market-relevant physician group comprised of peers from across the entire market. This single-entity model provides optimal autonomy for you while building a level of interdependence that creates value and convenience to purchasers and patients.

  • Growing For It

    The health care marketplace is continuing to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Payors, employers, CMS, hospitals, specialists, and others are aggressively implementing new and aggressive initiatives to meet reforms required for them to continue to influence the market.

    It is time for Primary Care Physicians to lead the reforms.These reforms and market realities mandate new delivery models. Primary care is at the CENTER of these models.

    To provide market relevance these new models of care require interdependence, a significant breadth of primary care providers with broad geographic coverage, and comprehensive care management capabilities.

    Welcome to APC.

  • Growing For It

    • APC’s goal is to grow to 350 partnered primary care physicians by 2017 across the Phoenix market and eventually, across the state of Arizona.
    • APC will grow through alignment of mission, vision and shared values.
    • APC will be successful because it has been built to specifically meet Arizona’s unique market characteristics and the desire of the market’s primary care physicians to remain independent while bringing value to the market.
    • APC will grow because it brings value to not only the market but also to its’ PCP owners through new revenue streams, decreased costs and enhanced financial performance and clinical outcomes. This will lead to not only independent primary care sustainability - but enhanced viability.

    It is time for independent Primary Care to THRIVE not simply survive. It is time for APC.

  • The Time is Now

    Out of fear many Arizona PCP’s have ceded influence and value to others - with a significant number simply giving up - their dream of private practice abandoned. All too often these PCP’s have abandoned the value of the business that they have spent years building. Becoming a part of APC protects and enhances the asset that you have built. It allows you to remain independent - yet moves you to a position of viability, relevance and sustainability.

    With APC you have the best of both worlds - autonomy enhanced by interdependence to seize opportunity.

    However, this opportunity window to lead the change is closing fast. The market is moving, and standing still is no longer an option. Doing nothing is, by default, doing something. If you do not take action then instead of being the influencer - you will be influenced. As Gandhi exclaims, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    It is time to act. It is time for APC.

    Seize the opportunity. Own your Own Future. Then Thrive.

    To learn how, call 623-215-9452 or email us at

Our Mission.

To Empower our Providers and Patients to Thrive.

Our Vision.

To be Arizona’s Premier Partner in Health.